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The Rest Is Silence

The tide of advancing humanity has changed the world

False wisdom of conspicuous reality has driven me mad

Mythical beings of all sorts and kinds are flying


Forms of which poetry and legend speak I can't forget

Whatever the horror was

Whenever the truth appeared

Death far from natural

I found there in my dreams

I hide the word of perversity

Collected by oddity

I neglet the power of human brain

Insanity I obey, unworthy and sane

In a dark space I felt aware

Of a singular accession of fright

As if someone emanation was engulfing my spirit

Oh! I perveived the source of my alarm

Thees places being exceeding dark

Twisting perception and blackness too great

I don't want to be anymore

I shall never supply a link

In so hideous a chain

of paradoxical seriousness

From these my thoughts escape

I conceived my present fear thunder

Of fire and lightning and unreal

Led by my thoughts to the morbid chamber

I found the truth the rest is silence

My memories are very confused

There is even much doubt as to where they begin

I feel the image of years stretching behind me

My identity, too is bewilderingly cloudy

I remember how I read the book

I was aware that I only dreamt

I prayed only for awakening

Instead I've found myself

So I walked further in my slumber

Now I fear for what I might find there

I'm alone, there's no god where I am

Is there fear in your heart?

Where I am you are not

Let my servants be few and secret

The Rest Is Silence /

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