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Eternal Might

Magabathi-Ya Nanna Kanpa!

Ia Athzothtu! Ia Angaku! Ia Zi Nebo!

Rabbmi Lo-Yak Zi Ishtari Kanpa!

Zi Shta! Zi Daraku! Zi Belurduk!

Ia Nergal-Ya! Ia Zi Annga Kanpa!

Ia Marrutukku! Suhrim Suhgurim!

Bel Zi Exa Exa!

Ia Mass Ssaratu! Tu Zzu!

Ia Mass Ssaratu! Tu Zzu!

Ia Mass Ssaratu! Tu Zzu!

The voices of the rites of ancient Sumer

Are deeply summoning in immortal minds

The abyss of knowledge is open and close

It's path to perfection but not to be sought

For therein lies the truth Death,

The ocean of wisdom, the secret of all

Learning of uninteligible things

Took brains of pagans, atheists and priests

Researches into the forbidden and forgotten

Have always existed and do exist

"The Enchirion of Pope Leo The Third"

"The Arbatel of Magic" and "Lemegeton"

Suffumigations and "Sworn Book" of Honorius

The brothers of the left hand path

"The Seven Mysterious Orisons"

Composite rituals of ancient wrath

Mystical science, the regeneration of Enoch,

The fourth book of Agrippa the mag

"The Black Pullet", "The Druid of Menapienne",

"Black Screech Owl", "Heptameron"

Are signs of unknown, forbidden and bad

The keys to the Netherworld locked in past

Ilusions of mankind created the trend

Confusions of all minds elected by names

Day of birth - eternal might

End of life - eternal might

Unconscious fate - eternal might

Turn your mind towards the side

Being's sense - eternal might

Price of death - eternal might

Future and past - eternal might

Live or die in truth or lies

Mainstream consciousness and things ignored

Sinister revelations of Crowley's wisdom

As above so below - "The Emerald Table"

Most ancient of covenants

Necromantic evokations,

Eternal Might /

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