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Defunct Dimension

Ancient place, former time

Alien sphere, nameless fight

Ia Azag Zu

Ia Azag Ag

Ia Sothot Agga

Ia Sothot Shiru

Weird pain, dark lair

Silent grave, aimless name

You will know who you are

Down in your fears

Down in your dreams

You will get answer for

When does it begin

Where is the end

You will see Marduk's race

And worshippers of the Ancient Ones

You will find the outer space

The outer space will find ya

Ride through the defunct domain

Find abomination's name

Raise your eyes above the Dead

Cry, your lament can't be heard

It breeds more horror than you can conceive

And number of hordes uncounted is

Wanderers of the Wastelands dwell

Defunct dimension... hidden nowhere

Defunct Dimension /

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