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 Impaled Nazarene Impaled Nazareneрок-группа

Via Dolorosa

Oh you will love the suffering

We will put you thru

Claiming to be the people's prophet

Deceiving mad carpenter

And now on the way to Golgotha

Whipped, spat at, humiliated

Born of whore

Vultures are circulating around

As you are dying

Boner-biting bastard christ


And now dying at Golgotha

Beaten, laughed at, violated

Son of dog

[Cho:] The heat was like from 1000 suns

As you were nailed to the cross

Shit was running down on your legs

You were hating life and yourself

No magic tricks to save your ass

It is the day of reckoning

Questioning your existence

On the eve of death

And now dead at Golgotha

Raped, impaled, mutilated

False saviour

[Repeat chorus]

Impaled Nazarene

Via Dolorosa / Impaled Nazarene

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