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 Impaled Nazarene Impaled Nazareneрок-группа


Burning the brutal, brutal out of the game

Bleeding in fire that releases part of my brain

I akth a sakhn, I a sakth the flame

As you die for Satan, Necronomicon, the burning gates


Burning the victims, victims of over-throne

Killing the fire, inside, outside of the door

Satan wants you, believe in fire & flame

Killing the brutal, brutal inside my brain

The goat is about to reign

As they will eat your brains

The victims of infernal war,

Burning witches... arrgh!

Burning the fire,

Inside, outside of my brain

Killing the goat,

That lives inside my brain

Goatic reign,

Will you confess at first sigh

Satan's whore, Lucifer be my guide

Impaled Nazarene

SADOGOAT / Impaled Nazarene

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