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 Impaled Nazarene Impaled Nazareneрок-группа


Urgh !

Centuries ago,

Born of whore,

Jesus Christ,

Filthy homo,

Crucified fuck,

Millions follow,

Blinded mind,

Minds !


False Jehova, you will obey me,

I am your mighty lord, you will kneel before me !

I am Antichrist, poor bastard dies

As I take your life, see the burning skies

From hell I arise, by fire I rule,

Torment is the game, Antichrist my name, name !


False Jehova, will you marry me ?

I am Antichrist, your new wife to be...

Urgh ! Urgh ! Urgh ! Urgh

Impaled Nazarene

FALSE JEHOVA / Impaled Nazarene

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