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 Impaled Nazarene Impaled Nazareneрок-группа

Assault The Weak

Blood sprays the landscapes again

As we lauch full-scale attack

This has been going on too long

Your existence is a joke

Assault and destroy all the weak

Crush them with an iron fist

My world doesn't need scum like you

Finally it's the payback time

The new dawn soon will rise

You will pay with your fucking life

Screams of pain fill the skies

As you watch your breed to die

Your prayers are said in vain

As Satan's generation leads the way

Shoot to kill Crush to destroy

What will be left of your world

Is just a hole in the ground

We will change the history

Set new standards for a human being

Shoot to kill Crush to destroy

Impaled Nazarene

Assault The Weak / Impaled Nazarene

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