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Flesh And Blood

Pulling the morbid stiffs

From the damp, sepulchral tomb

Harvesting the rotten

My vocation, to exhume

Methanous tissues removed

With procedures so emetic

A sordid conflagration

Your corpse is quite pathetic

Dissecting body parts, disinhumed

As my head starts to reel from the fumes

Consuming the cadaverous chyme

Sopped up from the crypt

I morbidly dissect

As jellified muscles are ripped

Oozing thoracic pulp

Is thoroughly molested

Engorged with cankerous phlegm

I've left you quite congested

Grinding the dead into slaw

As formaldehyde drips from my maw

Committing your remains to the mud

Eternally, you'll rot

You're only flesh and blood

Your remnants are boxed

[solo: "One Foot in the Grave" by S.C. McGrath]

Bones have been picked

[solo: "Distressed Fallopian Discharge Bottled and Sold" by L.d. Muerte]

Your carnage interred

[solo: "Uglinous Erosion of Necrocellular Proteins" by S.C. McGrath]

A botched, necrotic wreck

[solo: "Blood Bank Robbery and Singular Enjoyment of Booty" by L.d. Muerte]

Flesh And Blood /

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