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Operating Theatre

Baiting the vain and aesthetically challenged

To my office of promise and false hope

Demarcating lines of incision for corporeal revision

The foundation laid for a malpractical joke

Tranquilized and secured on a gurney

Associates throng for the spectacle on which they thrive

Unconsciousness no escape as you lay wide awake

Our peers observe as your placed under knife

We'd like to welcome you to the operating theatre

My scalpel marks perforations on your countenance

Volsella securely fastened as I pull

As ligature is excised with no anasthesia

I'm sure you'll find this process quite painful

Fourteen bones degloved as periosteum is exposed

Bereft of palpebra, eyes starve for moisture

The nasal conchae and zygoma

Under chisel and mallet shall fissure

A jovial soire for which our comrades have gathered

Relinquished admission and collude in our laughter

They applaud the disfiguring with needless suffering

From this mutilation there will be no recovering

An abscinded face we'll replace with your posterior

Gaze through a brown-eye as your shit-faced in the mirror

Your visage is your end, the lips a sphincter instead

In our surgical troupe you're cast as the shit-head

Piercing adipose tissue

With rusted hooks and screws

To keep the crowd amused

You'll break a leg or two

With needle and ink I stain

Your skin, with text profane

No part is left unmaimed

This show's rather insane

We'll knock 'em dead in the operating theatre

The show must gore on in the operating theatre

As the curtain falls on another corpus-plasty

Chains jangle when the flesh they're sewn in twitches

You shant miss your cue as your body we abuse-a

Operating Theatre /

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