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The Worms Crawl In

My temple subjected to third world rigors

Mites, lice, and chiggers

Fcal particulates undermining hygeine

Larvae gestating

Nematodes penetrate through bare cutis

Budding hydatid cysts

To legions of parasites I will cater

A human incubator

Bowels transmuted into stygian pits

Diarrhic fits

Omentum impacted by a septic infusion

Intestinal occlusion

Invasion precipitated by a vermes wermacht

Treatments are for naught

Burrowing through my sebacious glands

Muscles serrated into strands

Domestic quarters for all manner of vermin

Inside of me squirmin'

Linear lesions across my forearms and hands

Larva migrans

Plerocercoids gorge and migrate

Tunneling will not abate

Uretal fibrosis from the rubble

Now, urine trouble

The worms crawl in

The Wohlfartia fly is making a nest

My epidermis, a home for the pests

Gasterophilial infants are binging

As the creeping eruption is inching

Viscera gnawed away

By parasitic larvae

This life, I have rued

Reduced to worm food

Sparganosis generates fundal ulcerations

Adiposal liquidation

A mass of scolices clotting the cecum

Impacted scybalum

Quenching parched mouths on my succus entricus

Ingesting the viscus

Through the shinc-door, the pupa are lured

The early worm catches the turd

Hyperemesis induced for tniacide

Useless tonics imbibed

Atheroma results in gangrene

A voracious maggots dream

The worms crawl in

The worms crawl out

The Worms Crawl In /

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