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Impacted tissue is riddled with clots

Morbidly studying your gross anatomy

Perinium is sullied with moldering pus

A mass of gelatinized forensick liquidity

Locating my trocar, the tool of my trade

Emaciated fingers nimbly find what I need

Desiring the gavage, I hastily optate

Into your chest intercalated as your innards I bleed

Muscle tissue rips, my needle drips

Proceeding with my work, I'm an insensitive jerk

Acid from your stomach is disgorged with a splat

Liquid offal gargles in your throat

Embalming tubes occluded with clumps of rotting fat

Decaying larval brine is force fed until you choke

Impaled on a spike, internal organs are sucked

Mellifluent gore by the buckets is drained

Pernicious bilge is pumped from your gut

Acidic bacteria now mangle your brain

Lactating pus

Eructating guts

Decorticated stiff

I take another sniff

Macerated veins are with a trocar dislodged

Playing host to my probe, your pelvis now sprays

Abdominal saliva is splattered from your anus

Lathering my needle, your ignominious remains

Easing the point into delicate flesh

Declension with steel is sublimely enmeshed

Irrigated fluids cake the porcelain slab

Methodically in-vaginated with bromidic scabs

Pus, from your veins, is tapped

A bloody awful mess, your corpse is bloodless

Lancinated gore is sapped

Exenterated sot, your withered cadaver will rot

Decaying on the slab

I take another stab

[solo: "The Mortician's Sword" by L.d. Muerte]

[solo: "Lachrimose Germentation" by S.C. McGrath]

Muscles are imbued with a gelatinous mix

Prepatent secretions from your bowel make me sick

A redolent mephitis maturates in the guts -ac

Trocar /

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