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Fces Of Death

Desiccated flesh I peruse

Your vacuous form is devoid of all life

Poetry in motions

As yet another stiff goes under the knife

Soaked in the fluids of the dead

Mucous, blood, and pus

Your abdomen a quagmire of maturating chyme

With preservatives and soaps your innards I flush

Melting organs degenerate into foam

This unctuous melange is disgorged into tureens

Down the drain, your insides wash away

A cold empty shell, the slate is wiped clean

Incruental - exsanguinated husk

Intubated - a trocar is thrust

ncarnadine - with offal you'll erupt

Your carcass I'll corrupt

Despumated - your ribcage is swabbed

Detumescence - in solidifying globs

Devenustated - you've lost all your charm

In my incapable hands you will surely come to harm

Your evacuated torso is stuffed

With soiled toilet tissue, balled into clumps

Diarrhea is imbued with a smile

With my conspurcate concoction, your body I defile

Inundated arteries now burst

In festering excreta, immersed

Your body is awash in disease

When I'm alone in the morgue, I do as I please

Plugs of cotton soak up minor spills (you're quite a mess)

The rich, foamy lather of putrefying bungs

Your fetor is inhaled with a thrill (I can't protest)

The flatulent bouquet matures in my lungs

Exspiscating - my work didn't take

Exundated - the sutures proceed to break

Exspuition - the contents are purged

Flesh and fces are merged

[solo: "Full of Shit" by S.C. McGrath]

Embalmed with septic mung

Capillaries choked with dung

A piss poor excuse for an open casket funeral

Abdomen is sunken in

My fetid breath is laced with gin

Your ca

Fces Of Death /

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