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The Point of No Return


Yeah... It's that real this time around

Immortal Technique... Revolutionary Vol. 2

It's on now mother fucker..

Lock and load!

[Verse 1]

This is the point of no return I could never go back

Life without parol up state shackled and trapped

Living in the hole, lookin' at the world through a crack

But fuck that, I'd rather shoot it out and get clapped

I've gone too far, there ain't no coming back for me

Auschwitz gas chamber full of Zyklon-B

Just like the spanish exterminating Tynos

Raping the black and Indian women, creating Latinos

Mother fuckers made me out of self richeous hatered

And you got yourself a virus, stuck in the Matrix

A suicide bomer strapped and ready to blow

Lethal injection strapped down ready to go

Don't you understand they'll never let me live out in peace

Concreate jungle, guerilla war out in the streets

Nat Turner with the sickle pitch fork and ma chatte

The end of the world, mother fucker you not ready

This is the point of no return and nobody can stop it

Malcolm little running up before Elijah Muhammad

The commedent killed the dinosaurs, changing the earth

They love to criticize they always say I change for the worse

Like prescription pills when you miss using them nigga

The temple of nights when they took Jerusalem nigga

And figured out what was buried under Soloman's temple

Al Aksa the name is no coincidental

I know too much to government is trying to murder me

No coming back like cutting your writs open vertically

How could the serpant be purposely put in charge of the country

Genetic engineered sickness spread amongst me

My people are so hungry that they attack without reason

Like a fuckin' dog ripping off the ha

The Point of No Return /

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