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Internally Bleeding


Yea... Yea... Ay yo

The things I've seen in life will make you choke by suprise

Like an aborted fetus in a jar that opened it's eyes

Provoking my demise, I'll leave your spirit broken inside

Like the feeling of 50 million people hoping you'd die

And niggaz wonder why my heary is filled of hatred an anger

Cause some bitch killed my first born song with a coat hanger

I strangled out the pain until my soul was empty was cold

Crippled and worthless, so I thought that it could never be sold

My mother told me that placing my faith in God was the answer

But then I hated God cause he gave my mother cancer

Killing us slow like the Feds did to the Blank Panthers

The genesis of genocide is like a Pagan religion

Carefully hidden, woven into the holidays of a Christain

I had a vision of nuclear holocaust on top of me

And this is prophecy, the words that I speak from my lungs

The severed head of John the Baptist speaking in tongues

Like "Cheke vara" my soliloquies speak to a gun

Paint in slow motion like trees that reach for the sun

Nigga the preaching is done cause I don't got a DJ

Like Reverond Run, I curse the life of any man who kills

Benevolent ones, I never asked to be the messenger

But I was chosen to speak the words of every African slave

Dumped in the ocean, stolen by America

Tortured, buried, and frozen written out of the history books

Your children are holding, internally bleeding, cold blooded

Stripped of emotion, I go through the motions, but there's no

Life in my eyes, it's like I'm hooked up to a respirator

Waiting to die, hooked up to the fucking chair

Waiting to fry, sooth an electrocution currently used

In my execution, producing thoughts at the speed of

Internally Bleeding /

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