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Peruvian Cocaine

[Intro: from the film "Scarface"]

Host: I've heard whispers about the financial support

your government receives from the drug industry.

Guest: Well, the irony of this, of course, is that

this money, which is in the billions, is coming from

your country. You see, you are the major purchaser of

our national product, which is of course cocaine.

Host: On one hand, you're saying the United States

government is spending millions of dollars to

eliminate the flow of drugs onto our streets. At the

same time, we are doing business with the very same

goverment that is flooding our streets with cocaine.

Guest: Mmm-hmm, si, si. Let me show you a few other

characters that are involved in this tragic comedy.

[Beat starts]

*Two Men Speak in Spanish*

[Immortal Technique - Worker]

I'm on the border of Bolivia, working for pennies

Treated like a slave, the coke fields have to be ready

The spirit of my people is starving, broken and sweaty

Dreaming about revolution (REVOLUTION!) looking at my machete

But the workload is too heavy to rise up in arms

And if I ran away, I know they'd probably murder my moms

So I pray to "Heso Preisto" when I go to the mission

Process the cocaine, paced and play my position

[Pumpkinhead - Cocaine Field Boss]

Ok, listen while I'm out there, just give me my product

Before we chop off ya hands for worker's misconduct

I got the power to shoot a copper, and not get charged

And it would be sad to see your family in front of a firing squad

So to feed your kids, I need these bricks

40 tons in total, let me test it, indeed I (*sniff*)

Shit, this is good, pass me a tissue

And don't worry about them, I paid off the officials

Peruvian Cocaine /

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