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Suns That Sank Below

Mountaing guarded from the light of sun

In the valleys that we walk

Dark spirits against the sun

Gathered visioned in the ravenstorm

Black winged wraiths of opaque dreams

Owners of frosted spheres

Unearthly strageness never sunrise here

Crystaline formations

Ice storms scar the sky

A shadowed face in the wilderness

Knowing winter never dies

Clearly I breathe

In the forthcoming breeze

With tempted eyes I dreamwatch dying suns

I await

Ephemeral suns to fall


Light becomes darkness

Black moon calls bleakness inside me

No longer visions

I see the dying suns go under

Suns that sank below

In snowblind visions I let the darkening moon

Become the jewel in my kingdom


Suns That Sank Below / Immortal

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