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At The Heart Of Winter

Greatest Blashyrkh wait for me your deepest realms I'll find

With songs that sound eternally for you my call is ever so strong...

Winterlandscapes pure and clear a walk into the glacial valleys

Deep under forests alive only my torches fire light...

Greatest Blashyrkh waiting me your realms ever splendid

Songs were made eternally the call is ever so strong...

Blashyrkh mughty be your name victorious a kingdom we made

With strength and pride all the way you are the heart of winter...

As the face of a glacier your mountains tower against the sunset

Unforgetting what was made a bond so strong and ever so real...

The statue watches the kingdom your giant wings make all beneath

I'm staring forth the Raventhrone I know I'm at the heart of winter


At The Heart Of Winter / Immortal

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