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 Immolation ImmolationАмериканская группа, играющая в стиле дэт-метал

Rival The Eminent

Not all of us choose to believe

Some of us choose to live

Not all of us follow so blindly

And accept all that we hear

Maybe you're not so smart

To look outside yourself

Maybe you've chosen unwisely

In the God you've made your own

I'll be my own leader

I'll be my own saviour

I'll be the strength that carries

I'll be the light that guides...me

I will make you see

Your devotion is in vain

I'll be the one left standing

When all of you are kneeling

And smiling, so content

I'll wipe the smiles off your faces

Don't you dare pity me

I've made my choice and I'll prove you wrong

My voice will thunder through the heavens

And my flames of hatred burn

I believe in me and only me

And I bow to no sovereign


Rival The Eminent / Immolation

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