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 Immolation ImmolationАмериканская группа, играющая в стиле дэт-метал

Relentless Torment

City in fear, tyrannical king

Rules by the dark side, terror he brings

Darkness has settled

Streets are all clear

Night guards are watching, your living in fear

Break the reign of the tyrants

We must form an alliance

Withstand the king and show defiance

Time has come for deathly violence

Rebellions the talk, amongst the crowd

Better keep quiet, don't talk too loud He rules from the throne, castle on the hill

All who oppose are tortured and killed


Relentless torment time to rebel

Overthrow the king

Break away from his hell

Ignorant fools, can't you all see

Unite and destroy and we'll all be set free


Relentless Torment / Immolation

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