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 Immolation ImmolationАмериканская группа, играющая в стиле дэт-метал

Warriors Of Doom

Warriors of Satan's wrath

Come from across the sky

Bring terror and destruction

The son of God must die

Devastation of your gods

The heavens are on fire

Unholy blasphemy from hell

Satan our new messiah

Burn the church to the ground

Hear the helpless dying sounds

Of the Christians who scream and writhe in pain

Feeling the wrath of Satan's reign

Final war has come to an end

Blood fills the land where you lie

Sacrifice on the altar of death

Satan laughs as you die

Legions of doom will rid the world

Of all it's sanity

Your feeble prayers are all in vain

In this insanity


Warriors Of Doom / Immolation

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