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 Immolation ImmolationАмериканская группа, играющая в стиле дэт-метал

Higher Coward

Cowards, with your empty hearts

And narrow minds...So bitter

our confusion is overwhelming

So aimless and misguided

Your search for a higher power

Something better than yourselves

In a perfect world, your perfect god

Is a coward just like you

Watch them gather, they flock together

For in numbers they feel strength

Will you find your way to paradise,

Through the darkness within your light

To the children, they feed his body

Peel his flesh from off the cross

In his blood they'll wash away

All the dirt from their souls

Obedient young, they'll join the flock

With minds like clay and hearts so pure

Fill them with his words and fears

And feed them to the waiting beast

His open arms and splendid brilliance

Devours those who can not see

The dimming light from high above

Vanquished by their higher coward

How can you glorify and praise

One so weak, imperfect and insane

The magnitude of his madness is so clear

In the eyes of the herd that he keeps

Look what you have become

Just another like all the rest


Higher Coward / Immolation

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