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 Immolation ImmolationАмериканская группа, играющая в стиле дэт-метал

Bring Them Down

Looking down from on top of it all

Looking down on everyone else

So high above, it all looks the same

Bring you down to see how it is

The greatness you feel, so smug on your throne

Your view of it all is clouded and warped

Clearly you'll see how it unfolds

Brought down from above to see how it is

Don't you feel passion

Don't you know love

The bitterness that drives you

Will hurt us all

Down with the righteous, down with the liars

Down with the leaders who rape their own men

Down with your idols, down with your ideals

Down with the thieves who rob us of life

King to king, so hungry for power

Fortress to fortress with no ground to gain

On missions of hatred that lead us to ruin

A course that would change if we bring them down

Down to the sorrow, down to the crying

Brought down to the suffering, now how does it feel

Down to the horror, down to the screaming

Brought down to the silence they'll hear in the end


Bring Them Down / Immolation

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