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Get Down

Oh, get down

To this groove thang

Oh, oh get down to this groove thang

(LDB kick the flow)

LDB's gonna start the flow

Here I go so that you know it's no joke

People better recognize

We put the flava in your ear

What 'cha wanna hear

We got this flow

Romeo here we go

I got my walkman on got it on my ear

Listenin' to a groove

A groove I wanna hear

I think I'mma write a rhyme that 'cha like

Make ya' mind feel right (say what)

No kiddy kinda flave Its not in my nature

No bubble gum type of flow

So I simplify my rhymes

So I got much flava

Romeo Romeo on his worst behavior


(LDB LDB LDB kick the flow)

Start start groovin' get up off your feet

LDB's givin' you the beat

Temperatures rising no surprising

The beat is bumpin'

We got the party jumpin'

(Romeo where you flow)

Romeo Romeo here I go

So let me take a moment or two so I can flow

Let me take you on a ride

Let me look into your eyes

Oh baby baby baby (Oh maybe maybe maybe)

Let me take the time so you can be my baby

Oh baby baby baby (Oh maybe maybe maybe)

You can be Rome's


Get Down /

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