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Wiser Than My Years

Half-Pint: Did you hear about the riot?

Batman: Yup (Dang) man that was crazy

Romeo: I just don't understand

Half-Pint: I guess we're too young to understand

Romeo: I don't understand why people can't just live together



Why is it, no one know, I seem to know so much

The people say, I must've been here before

But if it's true, then why can't I, remember who I was

Where I lived, or who I loved anymore

Somehow at my age I learned a lot

Without going to the school or fall in love

But what it all comes down to, is for epace to come to me

Loving as to love itself, that's the key, and that makes me


Wiser than my years

But nave enough not to know

For many of doubts and fears

So I need somebody ideas

Cuz I'm wiser than my, years, oh yeah

Wiser than my years


And still it seems, the price I've paid, is often I could pull

Cuz no one tries, to challenge my state of mind

So every night, before I sleep, I pray a simple prayer

Give me this chance, and give joy, all the time

Now somewhere down the line where I go on

And make it to another world beyond

Through the other puzzle, you will see what I understand

For us to walk in free, that's the key, and that makes me

Chorus (2x)

Cuz I'm wiser than my, years, oh yeah

Wiser than my years (Yes I am, yes I am)

Wiser than my years (I can feel it deep down)

Wiser than my years (Yes I can, yeah)

Wiser than my years (That I'm wiser than, my years)

Wiser than my years (I feel like I've been here before)

Wiser than my years (Oh, baby)

Wiser than my years (Gonna say a simple prayer)

Wiser than my yea

Wiser Than My Years /

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