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Show Me Your Love

featuring Quindon

from Kazaam Soundtrack

Oooh (Keep repeating)

Quindon: Hmm, hmm, ooh, yeah yeah, hmm

Duet: No, no

Romeo: Comin' at cha

Duet: No, no, no, no

Quindon: Oh, oh, oh

Batman: Yeah, yeah, no, no

I can't wait, for the day (I can't wait)

For you to show me your love (I)

Show me your love (I can't wait)

Romeo: Eh yo, Batman, kick it


I never met, a girl so fine

You seem to be, always on my mind, my mind, baby

And there's nothing I wouldn't do, without you girl

I can't wait for you, to show me your love


I can't wait, for, the day

For you to show me your love

Show me, your love

I can't wait, for, the day

For you to show me your love

Show me, your love

Romeo: Yo Q, break 'em off some


I need to know, exactly what's on your mind (It is, the mind)

Is it me (Is it him)

Or am I living in a fantasy

I worked hard for mine

Givin' you what you need

Trust in me (Trust in him)

And forever our love will be


I got a natural vibe, a natural vibe

Romeo here I go

Here I go let me flow

I'm feelin' kinda mellow

Icing on the cake

Chocolate covered treat

I got all the freaks

You're my baby boo

You know my love is true

Show me your love


Quindon: Hey, yo B

Batman: Yeah

Quindon: She look kinda fly to me

Batman: Yeah, she looked good you know what I'm sayin'?

Quindon: Oh yeah

Batman: Jerome, how you feelin'? Yo Romeo, yo Romeo!

Quindon: Yo Romeo!


I got the fine, little fine, little lady

The one with the big 'ole butt, that's right

So put your money where my mouth is

Baby, baby, I like this

Chorus (3x)

Show Me Your Love /

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