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Funky Psychtro Enterview


500 hertz at reference fluxivity

Set gain for asthmath, face, and frequency response callibration

Announcer (Synthesized):

Good evenin', y'all (Hello, where's the mic?)

Today's lesson funk, shall begin in just a few (Immature)

We're gonna drop some signs on you about, two

No three, no, yeah three, "Funketeers"

Yeah, let's see on the scale from 1 to 10 on your funk meter

How do you rate your funk?

What these 3 dope brothers gonna be droppin' some new jack funk for you

Comin' at you in the nine-two

Straight takin' over thangs

Yeah, with the crazy hype ghetto beats

Smooth ballad, kickin' R&B, with a hip-hop cut

Or should I say hip-pop

Yeah, psychological is definitely the concept

Bringin' you that, excitertainment

Immature, and the disciples of the new funk era

The new-jack funk thing

Marq, Romeo and Don

Yeah, well I see right now I'm gonna have to jet out of here

We're gonna be jamming this frequency

So y'all ain't gonna be hearin' from me in a while

We're gonna bring you back in with this interview

I just wanna say peace (Immature)

And I'm outtey, like sour-ey

Interviewer: So Immature, I see here that your music, is psychological?

Please explain.

Batman: Psychological is you know like, crazy

Dope weird stuff, ya know

Half-Pint: Like a crazy dome

Interviewer: Oh I get it, ok. Wh-what is new-jack funk?

Batman: New-jack funk is just like, crazy, dope, hype beats, ya know?

Interviewer: Yeah?

Batman/Pint: To keep the crowd jumping (Hip-hop music)

Interviewer: So you guys are like into rhythm and blues?

Half-Pint: Not rhythm and blues

Romeo/Pint: Rhythm and beats

Interviewer: Ah, I see that you don't have any price tags on your clothes

Batman: Been there

Immature: Done it

Interviewer: And your clothes, they're not on backwards or anything

Batman: Been there

Immature: Done it

Batman: Hey yo, man, this interview is nervous, man

Romeo: Yo lend us that 'Honey Dip' out there

Batman: Oh dang

Half-Pint: Check out here onions

Batman: Oh dang, she got a ghetto booty

Funky Psychtro Enterview /

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