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Be My Girl


You know best nothing I won't do for you

When you get down, just call me

I'll come around, and make it ok, yeah, ooh ooh

And there's just one thing you should know

That you will never be alone

If you need me, I'll be your friend

Just say you'll be my girl


Be my girl

Unlike anyone in the world

Say that you'll be mine

You're the one that I'm dreamin' of

Won't, you, be, my, girl


Don't wanna put any pressure on you

Don't be frightened girl (Don't be frightened)

I'm a gentleman, until the end

This is true (Oh girl, it's true)

And if you look into my eyes

You will see you and me together

And if you put your hand in mine

Trust in me, in time will be

The one to give you love, yeah



I will be yours, until the end of time

You are the one that makes my sun shine (Shine)

Nothing I won't do for you

I'll be here, to see us through

Chorus (Repeat 'til music fades)

Be My Girl /

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