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Drivers Seat

(Killer B, yeah, rest in peace, I'm sayin son

Ain't no room in this game for everybody, you know?

But uh, we gon' do our thing baby, we gon' do our thing)

[Iman T.H.U.G.]

Yo, Iman T.H.U.G. something stunnin, rappers get done in

I migrate, Queens Jamaica, Brooklyn gets sunning

All feelings though, we all grow wit this ?buckle?

I recognized life is a deal, cards and a shuffle

Everything revolves around me, I couldn't see that

25 to Life and hip-hop, you got the feedback

Who need that, hundred gram stashed up in the cheese stack

We fo' black, want more trip, we get that old back

And keep this world high, yearly raw supply

These fuckin tracks have a nigga feelin wide inside

Any bottle-tip high smokin lah in the rye

It's on you, if you wanna take heed the hidden treasure

Recognize it's Iman T.H.U.G. wit Noreaga

Recognize that 2-5 shine'll last forever

Embedded in your mind like the seams in butter leathers

Butter leathers, check it yo yo yo

Chorus 2x

I keep it real wit a nigga keep it real wit me

I cut the hand off a nigga tryin steal from me

2-5 be that bomb-diggy bomb you see

Black juice in the Yukon driver's seat


I keep it real wit a bitch that keep it real wit me

Cut the hand off a chicken tryin steal from me

CNN be that bomb-diggy bomb you see

Now it's Nore now in the fuckin driver's seat

Yo I shot rapid, burn weed inside a back quick

Iraq embassy need a straitjacket

Yo let's rachateer this, while most niggas'll fear this

Turn my shit down everytime they hear it

P-H-D me, rapidly right in back of me

Tackle me, them niggas make loot but only half of me

My faculty, blow holes in your Moschinos

Drivers Seat /

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