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Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll


Bounce (yeah), rock, skate (yeah), roll

Bounce, rock, skate (ha), roll


[Baby DC]

It's Friday, I had to work all week

Keep the cool hip, school, gettin' A's and B's

Cuz if I came home with an F or a D

My momma woulda tripped about the skatin' rink

But since I got that under control

Daddy said it's cool, get his spark on

So I picked up the phone and called Rico

I told him I'd be at the rink for sure

Around 8 o'clock, they began playin' the grooves

That me and you like to bounce to

We rollin' man, on skates for sure

A gang of homies in the corner on the dance floor

Got the skate police always on patrol

Tryin' to catch you outta bunker if you gettin' too close

To the girl that you groovin' with

No stoppin' on the floor, keep moving it

To wearing straps to my feet, criss-cross to the beat

And all the people tryin' to peep the styles of the D

Cuz I'm rollin', just havin' a ball

No time to laugh when somebody falls

Straight bouncin'


Bounce (just see), rock, skate (everbody skatin' on the floor)

Roll, bounce (c'mon, c'mon), rock, skate (rollin', rollin', rollin')

Roll, bounce

[Baby DC]

Now it's 10 o'clock and the music stops

And it comes back on with a slow song

The announcer says 'Couples only'

And then all I see is cuties rushing at me

So I chose the one that I knew could roll

Not one steady fumble on the skatin' floor

Follow what the Joe shootin' pass me like the wind

When Darnell fallin' down and back up again

And bysides from the club to the video game

Playin' Mortal Kombat, tryin' to arr

Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll /

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