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Laughin at U


here comes the rula child back with the buddha style

lyrically a plus in front of your eyes booyaka

the drop topper soulshocker hardrocker

verbal gunpopper all up in your block ah

what the fuck ha! you never move in silence

bringin' you the violence straight from greek islands

your sound is gay fagott i don't play

my style is john blaze and magic like hardaway

i fade them all like jamal explode like nitro

flow like a hydro muthafuckin' psyco

don't touch that mic my cliques around

i ride on pelham power holdin' it down

i bring the ruff rugged burn mcs like a rocket

raw i can't stop it moses luv it

i write like the sun ain't shine so put your light on

i got what you need nigga you gots to ride on


Laughin at U /

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