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Rage Against the Machine

Ey yo I'm still wicked like Ice cube I get loose

can't stop till I get 6 crowns in the juicewho am I iz the ill muthafucka

do or die we gives a fuck muthafuckerspittin' fire gimme that mic so I can rock it

I got a million rhymes in my pocket till I stop itI drop it for the love of it I'm in it 2 win it

my rapstyle techniques kill yo azz inna minutecan I kick it yes you can

you fucking with the wrong crew fucking with the wrong mangoddamn I swear you smell MC aroma

leave yo azz in the Koma when I come around the cornerwhat the fuck I rock yo block no question

the last thing you see in yo life is my reflectionyou can't stand my action my perfection is godless

cuz when I'm on the mic muthafucka you're jobless


Lemme hear you yo yo (yo,yo)

blaze shit iz all up in my flow

and a pop pop (pop, pop)

4 the hits I drop up in yo block

and what, what

4 the lyrics that I'm gonna shock

and woo, woo (woo, woo)

what you gonna do

Lemme hear you hoho (ho, ho)

4 the illest rhymes up in my show

and a pump pump (pump, pump)

4 the funk I got up in my trunk

and a yes yes (yes, yes)

4 my class that nobody can mess

and woo woo (woo, woo)

what you wanna do


I'm the illest muthafucka a live stormin your area

the ill massaker lyrically blastin yatestin ya smokin yo azz like weed

I feed microphones with words till yo eyes bleedfucked up no criminal straight up physicalIllmatic is my name call me lyrical originaltime 4 open fire the mic iz my desire

takin you higher 2 my own empiremy entire family is blessed wid da gift

I don't give a fuck what the hell you sniffback 2 the essence get your lessons so come near

so I can fuck your flow and stick my dick in your careerI'm here wid lyrical fitness hit this wid a

Rage Against the Machine /

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