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On Death And Dying

Love ain't nothing but sex misspelled

every one must go around the tree of purity and sadness

raised by seed from higher ground

the germs decay and as she left

the promise of the rot as one who bore the pollen highest

wind will will dance as I meet my god

Memories dreams and reflections, passionless feelings of mine

peeling my sobriety, leaving me to die


can death be sleep?

when life is but a dream

Deathbed visions, glimpses of the beyond

The feeling of love caressed with fright

when the sonic vacuum leads you to

the circle of light

An endless wandering has stopped, I kiss the face of change

They say the ray of prophecy is send by someone high above

but when I found a trace of heaven, it send me back without a clue

You pray and pray, obedience to endlessness in confidence

sadly I'm the one who says the only ruler is the night


On Death And Dying / Illdisposed

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