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Return From Tomorrow

Nowadays I go blind

when they say there's more to our lives

then all the death and misery

in which I dwell and has my needs

Should say I believe in me

should make some sense in my life

But with a dark wind in my face

I admit I'd rather be dead

But in the darkness they search

for souls to help assisting the minds of the evil erupt

Hidden for mortals revealed

as you're dying in chambers of sonic disgust

Places devoted to serve the almighty

of whom I can say nothing good

In silence I learned to adjust to his temper

I followed my own path again


I'm filled with perfection

my inner stream must by caressed

I know what to do with my mortal possessions

but restless

just wanna go back

Mellow entrapments

captures the life of only the weak

not from me

they see the hate in my eyes

She undresses I'm cold

in my eyes she can see where I've been

All of my dreams

reincarnated thoughts from behind

She whispers I'm still the only one

In my eyes she can see where I've been

I feel so heavenly

when the mist clears all of my mind

and I look back to the day

where I was guided into the light


as infamous you must obtain my light in your crystal

return it to whome it belongs

Keep out the questions involving my gestures

towards your domain the unknown

Handle my case as if I were your true son

neglecting my chance in this world

Help me provend any wrong turns when crossing

and soon you'll see me again


Return From Tomorrow / Illdisposed

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