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Wake Up Dead

I sneak into the house

It's four in the morning

I had too much to drink

Said I was out with my boys

I can sense and I can feel

A thrilling lust creeping up upon me

No time for pleasure, no time for real

Is this the way I wanted to be

I hit for the bedroom

I slip into bed

I know if I wake her

I'll wake up dead

And I know all my friends

They live the lifes, that I repend

But am I better, am I cool

From where I'm standing, I look like a fool

When I wake up - This time I'm gonna tell her

I want to say - what bothers me

If she complains - and I bet she will

I'll throw her out - when I wake up: Dead

Will she find out

About the other

Other lover



Wake Up Dead / Illdisposed

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