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 Illdisposed IlldisposedДатская дэт-метал-группа


There's no door in these cold walls

surrounded by the infinite

My card is reading cardiac

my thoughts won't seem to comprehend

Why? The lost sentence, in varieties of religious experience

The truth: a direful legacy, has driven me to my knees

I'm hurt

Pschiatric disbelieve, "good luck when you're panoplied"

A force divided by slavery, a senseless futility

A must to see the unholy state, in which I was held for a while

A study in grief taking over my mind, as I declared my soul to behind

Just longing for the first day, to say, I'm back this time I'm here to stay

Can't you see the one aspect, that makes my gift to innocence

The metaphysics were caressed, by every bit of air I breathed

In lustfulness

I've lost, a loser without a name, must be my contribute

Your trust, the effort of ficticiousness, my grief is compelling me

The sign, the sign is for all to see, I know what to do with thee

Waverer, to bewail, led defeats

Engrossing my fate, my heart's decadence, capitulation

Time to intrude, to declare the fate, an angel will fall

My aspiration, you beg, the iteration, imbibes, as only you can

I've tried, to leave this fucking hell


Depersonalisation / Illdisposed

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