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 Illdisposed IlldisposedДатская дэт-метал-группа

A Frame Of Mind

As the man I am, I dislike

More purities and feelings send

Into the extacy I hate

Nobody controls me

Maybe it's because nobody wants to


They watch the terror

In a maze full of gray we shall rest

Incomplete, fictive mirror

Enchanting the way, I do at my best

When a man disconnects, he will lie

A tale telling meyhem inquiries leading

The poor suckers brain

I'm one of those men

But hey then again: Who's to say

Grey is coming, a broken frame

On the cross, my mirror

Unattended my body decays

A future loss, aching nearer

Soon I'll meet the boss

[The band is talking:]

- Der var et eller andet, jeg syntes der var et eller andet med...

jeg spillede helt ved siden af, jeg tunkte kun p% den dukke der

- tihi

- Jeg syn... lagde du ikke m


A Frame Of Mind / Illdisposed

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