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A Beautiful Thing

[Chorus: Ill Knob]

Up in this thing of our's we devour c-cipher power

My Klik move like Navy Seals and nuclear showers

On the streets we rollin with beats and mad heat

We talkin dumb loud, niggaz ain't even discreet

[Ill Knob]

Eh yo, this thing of our's should be treated with respect

Anythin else should bring forth a slug to your neck

Me and my people get even with the enemy you sleepin with

So, where creepin at? My eyes is always peepin that

Now I'm keepin that, gotta ride off the camp

Move, who you beepin at? We saw you reapin that

Release the strap, get in the back cuz I'm takin this rap

Where the money at? Now we 'bout to pound you with bats

Hate to see it, you wanna be tough? So be it

I'ma treat ya like ya heathin it 'til you stop breathin it

It's Ill Knob, ya wanna be God? Come amongst

I'll introduce Lord Ramel from the Bronx

With Kenny Fingers, Rowdy Raheem and Adriatic

The K to the G to the B, Klik Ga Bow blows the static

[Chorus x2]

[Ill Knob]

Yo, he's a friend of our's, a made man in his clan

Negociatin with the yakaza out in Japan

We hittin foreign lands, got ten men in Finland

Just waitin on the word my niggaz ready to send

I got a puch filled with diamonds, big rocks crazy shinin

Took it to my man Don-Don the Dooga

He said, ""Forget about it, it's frig-azy"", you niggaz'll drive me crazy

When the shots stop, mad gun smoke hits pave the skies, eh?

You don't even believe it that I'm livin so trife

Yea, I live by the gun and probbaly die by the knife

What is life? A hitch-house, I got shot twice

The Ill Knob hard to get rid of like lice

Whatever, I sport my slug-proof like pleather

And if I get hit, my name will l

A Beautiful Thing /

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