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The Brooklyn Uptown Connection

feat. LIC, Soundwave


1-2, get ready

Cause this is how we do it

We got my man Soundwave in the house, Alien Nation

To my nigga the low-down dirty drop-out from high school, Big Ill

And me Mr. Raspy, Al Skratch

To my nigga LIC representin Conspiracy


Soundwave, break em off

[ VERSE 1: Soundwave ]

You say you never heard the Sound

I'm about to break em off somethin right now

Open up your mind and let me in

Knock-knock, who speaks in the voice of sin?

Must drop to your knees, please just listen

A tale of four blackmen reminiscin

I hover in the heavens like a celestial guardian

The one who blocks the bullets when you're wildin out partyin

Believe in the MC cause you can see me not

Soundwave, faster than the dot on the Glock

Non-stop cyber-funkin, let me tell you somethin

Bout that guy named Al Skratch, the Mack Big Ill, LIC

This is virtual reality

A rap fantasy of the life of four beings

Seen through the eyes of the one foreseeing

Funkin em up, come on to the right

I'm funkin em up, come on to the left

The Uptown Connect gonna funk you to death

[ VERSE 2: Al Skratch

The Brooklyn Uptown Connection /

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