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Summertime (Its All Good)


This is how we do it


Say what


Come on


Say brother

It's all good

[ VERSE 1: Al Skratch ]

Uptown, summer in the city

85 degrees and the girls are lookin pretty

Yo, check it as I wreck it

I love the summertime, that's when fine girls get naked

I slide in my ride and let my drop-top down

Pump up my block, stopped by a cop clown

On my corner, now what he wanna do?

Hold me up for a few cause my car is brand-new

Ran through one light? Not did I ever

I'm just makin money, ain't nothin funny, it's sunny as the weather

Since I'm in the right not the wrong, check it

They go oop-oop, move along, be gone

So I do, as I search for my crew

We got a job to do at the barbecue

By the swimming pool makin women drool as I kick it

I'm drinkin and I'm thinkin I'm addicted

But to which one honey bun wanna get done

Layin in the sun sippin rum havin fun

Come one, come all, we can all have a ball

When it's summertime and we all feel fine


(It's all good)


(In the summertime)

Say what?

(It's all good)


(In the summertime)

What we doin now?

(We gettin together)

Say what

(Having fun

Keeping that love)

How we keepin it?

(one on one

It's all good)

[ VERSE 2: Al Skratch ]

Bounce downstairs to my stoop to chill

I see my man Ill in his Coupe DeVille

He say, "Yo what's up Al, now what you wanna do?"

I said, "I got the money for the Buddha if you got the brew"

He said, "Yeah, come on jump in

Let's head down to the beach for a swim"

Now you know ho

Summertime (Its All Good) /

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