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The One You Love

I'ii probably get accused of misogyny for this one, but I don't really consider that me in the song. this guy's going on about how women are so changeable, and he's frightened of some little gir
Can relate to it, though. my wife and I had a turbulent courtship, and she scared me half the time. I'd talk to her on the phone, and maybe when she hung up she'd say, okay, bye. and
Think, uh-oh - it was a bad goodbye. I was like 48 years old or something, and a bad goodbye would just kill me.

The whole thing is trying to anticipate another person's needs, and feeling so superior if you can do it - feeling so smart because you know what this person is thinking. because sometimes
E don't tell you what's bothering them. but maybe that's because they don't want you to solve them. I've had more fights with women that start with her saying, what's wrong? &qu
Nd I say, nothing. but she keeps asking me until I say, something is going to be wrong if you keep asking me what's wrong. you can drive each other crazy - it's definitel
Ther variety of bad love.

Рэнди Ньюман

The One You Love / Рэнди Ньюман

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