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There used to be a way now it's gone

Suffer the weak suffer the strong

All I ever felts was so wrong

The choice I've made that's torn us apart

Uncertain we wait the path unknown

The power of hate the power we're shown

And now it's too late for what's been done

Cry for the weak and cry for the strong

I find it hard sometimes to keep my faith alive

This search my destiny will darkness follow me

Awake from the storm we have grown

A shelter of grief a shelter of stone

My trust has betrayed all I know

No choice I've made an endless decay

In sickness I watch all has been thrown

Surrender dictate how can we know

Is it too late for what's been done

Call on the weak and call on the strong

I find it hard sometimes I push my faith aside

The search what can it be now darkness follows me

There must be a way that we have known

Strength for the weak more strength to the strong

No clouds of doubt will cover us all

Don't hide from the truth don't hide from the cold

More certain I wait and all shall be known

The power of faith the power we're shown

It's not too late now it's done

No more are the weak all are the strong

I found it hard sometimes I've kept my faith alive

I found my destiny no darkness follows me

From: Subversion (Appolyon Version), This Quiet Earth, Subversion (US Version)

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