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Zion Hut

I ride upon the winds that blow

That how for my spirit flows

There in distant regions

While in my spiritual searching

I found the true tree of life within my mouth

And this I have to share with

friends and strangers no doubt

I hear distant sound

And I write to what is found

I tongue is like a pen of a ready writer

I only speak of things

Pertaining to my Jah and Kings

And of the life of Him

Of whom all things and I dwell and live in

He said blessed are the pure in spirit


for theirs is the Kingdom of Zion

The dwelling of my Father's pavillions

Blessed are they that mourn


For they shall be comforted

Within the devineness of my Father's hands

Blessed are the meek

For they shall inherite the earth

And possess the heathen under their humble feet

Blessed are they which hunger and thirst after righteousness

For they shall be filled with such spiritual blessing

I am I am I am I am what thou sayest that I am

That is what I am

Blessed is the man that walketh

Not in the council of the ungodly

Nor standeth in the ways of sinners

Nor sitteth in the seats of the scornful


But his delight is in the Lord


God Jah Rastafari

And in his law do I am Serfie Selassie

Meditate all the days of my life continually

Jah is love let Him be love

I am I am I am

What thou hearest that I am

I am I am I am

What thou seest that I am

I am I am I am

What thou hearest that I am

I am I am I am

What thou sayest that I am

But sons and daughters of love

I man know love

I man is love love love Oh love

Rastafari is love

Zion Hut Chapter 2

I o

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