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Рэнди Ньюман Рэнди Ньюманамериканский певец и песенник

Big Hat, No Cattle

There's a book called the duke of deception, written by geoffrey wolff. it's about his father, who was a tremendous liar, though he appeared to be completely beyond reproach. he'd created this w
Parallel identity, pretending to have attended certain
Schools, pretending to have certain businesses. he made a profession of lying. I'm not talking about an occasional lie - that does not qualify for big hat, no cattle. I'm talking abo
Ople who base a whole life on lying, people who have cards that say producer, or ceo, cloverdale music. what does it cost to have cards printed up with anything you want?

Рэнди Ньюман

Big Hat, No Cattle / Рэнди Ньюман

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