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Look Away

I slept wlth Sable when she was 13

Her parents were too rich to do anything

She rocked her way around L.A

'Til a New York doll carried her away

Look away Look away

Now he was blond and she was dark

They called him Thunder 'cause he had the spark

The dream he dreamed was straight and pure

But the confusion of life was gonna get him for sure

Look away Look away

They shared their clothes and their cowboy boots

Left them all over the floor while they dyed their roots

They live the dreann and they went non-stop

They did' ok 'til the band broke up

Look away Look away Look away Look away

Unfortunately the needle broke

Their rock and roll love like a bicycle spoke

I found her in a back street with her looks half gone

She was sellin something that I was on

Look away Look away

Now Thunder and me did not part friends

What we did once I wouldn't do again

So he stayed with the pure dream and followed the moon

'Til the drugs in his body made his mind a cartoon

Look away Look away

So a few years later Thunder died broke

Sable had a baby back at her folks

Me I went straight and serious too

There wasn't much else that I could do

Look away Look away

So now that I'm straight I'm settled too

I eat and I slesp and I work like you

I got lots of feelings but I hold them down

That's a way I cope with this shitty town

Look away Look away

Look away Look away

Игги Поп

Look Away / Игги Поп

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