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The Taker Thunderbolt

we are falling down now

motion mistaken for flight

ambition has betrayed us

pursuit of dominance leaves us blind

there are few who look below us

and see the end of our path

they know our world will be broken

upon the rocks it will be smashed

this culture, this ship of fools

it's success, is it's doom

we keep striving to stay aloft

facing forward as we plummet

why won't we listen

to the voices of reason?

we are all falling

we are all falling down

we are falling

we are falling down

we've bent the world

to our will

made ourselves the

new gods of this domain

accepted the myth

that this is the height

of life as it

was meant to be lived

we are falling down,

plunging headfirst

we are falling down,

straight to the earth

we are falling down,

rushing headlong

we are falling down,

straight to the ground

to those who cannot see

the desolation we are facing,

any heart that bleeds for this world

must reveal our desperation

we must abandon this failed experiment and

find a civilization that can fly in the wind

take heed of the warnings

the pull at work upon our legs,

that's gravity screaming at us

the news of our end

it seems to us that

this is all there is

no way out of this

hole we're in

despair grabs hold and

we throw up our hands

we can fight back with hope

and begin again

The Taker Thunderbolt /

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