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Nothin to Say

I cant say what kept me in here tonight

except your brown eyes under yellow neon light

I came lookin round, searchin out somethin new

and I never thought Id find myself lookin at you

Mustve been three years since I saw you last

and I never seen a Southern woman talkin so fast

about your war, your peace, and all your new philosophies,

your now and then, and all the places that you been

But while I watch your lips move

The band is set to start the groove

Wait until they turn the lights low

Then we start to move it kinda slow

Now come on, slide a little closer

Take a sip of my mimosa

Dont let your politics interfere

With what our bodies are doin here


I aint got nothin to say


I aint got nothin to say

When you slid across the floor everybody knew

That the girl was lookin sweeter than honeydew

Maybe you and me could take it to another zone

The kinda place without your friends around to chaperone

We can end the suspicion, stop what youre doing and listen

Cause baby you and me can work out fine

Tell your other man youre leavin, aint no time for deceivin

Because tonight Im gonna make you mine

And while I watch your hips sway

We could shake it til the break of day

Youre sophisticated I can tell

Cause you got me caught up in your spell

Youre a natural temptation

With a gift for conversation

But after all the fancy talk is through

Wont you let me take a walk with you


I aint got nothin to say


I aint got nothing to say

Nothin to Say /

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