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Whatever (Radio Version)

IDEAL FEAT. R.L.: Whatever


Yeah, Ideal

Y2 Kay Gee and R.L. collabo

Uh-oh make 'em, make 'em

Make 'em dance to this

Uh yeah Ideal come on

Make 'em, make 'em

Make 'em dance to this

Let's go



Whatever you

Wanna do, uh-huh

Whether it's at

The crib or club

It's all up to you, what?


Whatever you wanna do

So you wanna

Groove, uh-huh

Show me how

You move, uh-huh

What'cha gonna do?

What? What?

'Cause I wanna

Rock with you

Whatever you wanna do


Tonight you're with me

I'm talking VIP

Cristal, Moet

Don P tonight, oh

Nice suite at

The Double Tree

You and me in

Between the sheets

It's whatever you

Like baby, tell me


(Lil' Mo:)

I like when you

Move up close to me

Sexy grinding holding me

Real close cause you're

Supposed to be, baby


I like it when you

Put that thing on me

Pushin' it up against the jeans

Makin' it harder

In between, baby

Repeat 1

Tonight I just got paid

Let's hop in the Escalade

Go out on an escapade

Tonight, all right

What sip you choose?

I'll grab your hips and move

And do whatever you like

Tell me, tell me

Repeat 2

Repeat 1


You can choose

The place we go

Or stay home

With the stereo

You choose the scenario

Tonight your situation

Here's your invitation

Come with me

Whatever you wanna do


Make 'em, make 'em

Make 'em dance to this

Uh yeah Ideal come on

Make 'em, make c

Whatever (Radio Version) /

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