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Take Me Away

Take Me Away

Welcome to the dark carnival....

Violent J....Shaggy 2 Dope....

The Insane Clown Posse....

We'll live forever...Live forever...

Come join us....Carnival awaits us...

Take my hand...Take my hand....

Shangri-La...Live forever...

Here go another clown song, freaky and weird

I'm still preachin', I'm like Noah without the beard

I'm tryin'a spread the facts that I know for sure

Yet many don't believe in our carnival freakshow

It's alright though, there's enough who do

And only time will tell if our stories are true

But for everybody here, I can promise you this

You'll never hear us rap about the typical bullshit

Bling bling, all the money they got

All the ice they wear, and all the people they shot

All the freaks they pull and all the cars they drive

Only we rap about fuckin' a bee-hive

You wanna keep it real, walk out your door

That's as real as it gets from the sky to the floor

But the Dark Carnival will take your soul away

And give you mythical adventure in a magical way

I live for, The Carnival,

I die for, The Carnival,

I pray for, The Carnival...

Please take me away, take me away

I love for, The Carnival,

I die for, The Carnival,

I pray for, The Carnival... Come take me away, take me away

Funhouse, freak shows, and murder-go-rounds

Fuck how you lookin', paint it up like a clown

Loosen up, let it go, you ain't gotta be tense

Faygo flyin' everywhere, fuck makin' sense

And that's the beauty of it, look backstage

Ain't another group out here on the same page

Run with everybody or walk with our crew

And stand on the moon, face the world and say fuck you

I ain't si

Insane Clown Posse

Take Me Away / Insane Clown Posse

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