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Take Me Home

Take Me Home

you know the irony of life is that you have like

this big dream to get where you wanna be

but once you get there you start to dream about where you came from.

I guess thats the part of the circle of our lives

like the hands of a clock going round.

if only we could wind them back and return to a time where the dream began.

its all too soon thats all will be is a dream in someones mind.

Look at me I'm famous on top of the world,

I finally reached up in time (im a superstar)

stand up, step back and take a look

is this really whut I had in mind? (i dont really think so)

I guessed them goals that we set in the day,

they actually came to be. (yup yup)

but now I'm lookin at a black white paper,

and with a whole book of memories (but we never read)

seven deep in the jeep with the camel top,

everybody and they drunk as hell,

?? and awesome dre and anybody by the right would see us

(cause we always went there)

songs were long and polution strong, and the faygo always warm and flat

(thats nasty)

but if now if this supposed to be heaven for me, then just give me my own

hell back

so take me home

(to my empty refridgerator)

cmon and take me home

(to a life in which I understand)

so take me home

(to my old school down in delray)

cmon and take me home


(cmon cmon) lets go yall

theres another festival down town,

take some bottles back up to the store

(i found two of em)

that would get us bus money down there

to get back we have to find some more

(might as well get drunk)

hangin our flyers up everywhere,

we coulda sworn we was makin noise,

(everybody knew us)

finally we had everyone in southwest

Insane Clown Posse

Take Me Home / Insane Clown Posse

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