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The Killing Fields

[Violent J]

Laying in my bed, I think of many horror tales

Yet I barely move, my bed is made of nails

I try to roll, my skin slowly tears away

My flesh is stuck to my bed as I begin my day

Walking out the house, this morning, the sky is red

The streets are crowded with the bodies of the living dead

They're trying to die, they're leaping off of roof tops

Uh, they only scream in pain as their body flops

I'd rather stay inside my home and only pray to die

But my house is been on fire since like '85

I can only stand a night of the fatal smoke

But see you never die, you only burn and choke

So I leave out the house and walk the land

Wild pigs run and feed off the dying man

And look around you, there's bodies hanging from the trees

But they're not dying, they're only crying "please"

I hear the thunder in the sky, so I run in hide

The deadly rain may soon come down, you got to get inside

The lunatics see the lightning, they're screaming, yes

It's raining blood, the streets are a bloody mess

About once or twice a week though it thunder storms

That's when giant heavy red and black clouds form

It's raining blood, livers, and kidneys from the sky

Prepare cuz when you die, you're coming to the killing fields

"What shall that be? What shall that be? When that fine moment

comes. When the curtains are drawn, the windows are shut, the

doors close, and you've written what you've written, you said

it, that's it. What will you look to be? What about it, mister,

when you've had your last beer. You laughed at family and

laughed at your little wife. She begged you not to go out to

that bar."

[Violent J]

As I feed off a dead pig, I'm thinking back

To wh

Insane Clown Posse

The Killing Fields / Insane Clown Posse

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